The life and times of a Forestry Contractor.

Below are a selection of photographs showing the good, the bad and the downright ugly side of our business when one attempts to run rubber tyres on various terrains. We've all been there and somehow we all keep coming back for more.

Jan 2009 Jan 2009 Jan 2009 Jan 2009
Feb 2009 - Car no good today Mar 2007 Wheely?? Feb 2009 All stuck! Feb 2009
Aug 2008 Bad day at the office Bad day at the office - sorted Mar 2007

                                                                      Sometimes its all worth it!

Stuck? Yup - Stuck! 4 hours later Wood Wasp
Feb 2009 Deep Dale Line thinning Aug 2008 8 Foots Bit of overtime

                                                          Maybe one day his feet will reach the pedals?

Rush Wood - line thinning Rush Wood - March 2009 Crane conversion - Oct 2009 Nokka Processor Oct 2009
Nokka Processor Oct 2009 January 2010 January 2010 Garrowby Estate April 2011

                                           Garrowby Estate April 2011 - selective clear fell operation

Garrowby Estate May 2012 - replant 


Newbald Estate Jan 2013 FC Sand Hutton Aug 2012 Dunnington woodland July 2012

Stamford Bridge Blackwood plantation pre site inspection at Windy Gates near Helmsley

Garrowby Estate March 2013  spruce clear fell

Garrowby Estate


LAND 85H winch at Lowethorpe Estate, near Driffield, early February 2014

in action on youtube:  



                                                   Woodley, Garrowby Estate June 2014  before and after










                                                             Pasture Woodland clear fell